About Us

We Love What We Do

We could write an epic story about our business, but we rather like to tell you in a few sentences:

HINRICH was founded in mid of 2015 by a team who has over 10 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing bulk liquid packaging products – FLEXITANK and its Accessories. We are passionate about creating reliable FLEXITANK with value, and be a developer and producer of A-to-Z turnkey solutions for our clients. We use simplicity to deliver enduring solutions.

We operate and market with different marketing and distribution channels. No matter if it is a requirement from any parts of the world or a unique project which requires customized FLEXITANKS solutions.


We can make it happen!

Customized Products and Service is what made HINRICH different from our competitors.

Where We Work

Here is the heart of our business, where we combine high quality materials and components with state-of-art assembly lines which you get the highest quality and value that a true made-in-Malaysia product.

We built our own state-of-art Heat-Seal Machine using special custom-made alloy tapered heat-band from Germany for the most critical area of the entire flexitank performance.

Our Vision is to be a Global Leader In Producing the World’s Best Flexitank

Connect to the Future

We constantly focus in global development of machines and integrated automation solutions for the packaging industry. We find new ways of modern sensor technology, which takes quality assurance to a new level and assembly process acceleration.

Our aim is Automation to Perfection

Creating Value for Our Customers

The real value we have in our business is in our sales team, our engineering team and in our service organization in meeting our customers’ specific needs. We’ve worked hard to create superior products and new designs that can make a major impact in reducing packaging and shipping costs for the global marketplace.

Quality Flexitank You Can Trust

Hinrich tests each and every Flexitanks we produce before they leave our factory and are delivered to our customers.
Our in-house laboratory compliances with COA (Container Owners Association) requirements on material testing.

Our Quality Policy is with Passion for Perfection

Quality Certifications

Hinrich Industries is a certified member of Container Owners Association (COA).

Hinrich Industries is a member of FMM (Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers).

Hinrich Flexitank has been certified by SGS for US FDA, EU and China Food-Grade and Pharmaceutical compliance.

Hinrich Industries manufacturing is in progress of obtaining ISO 9001:2008 certification, and paving its next level for GMP and HACCP quality certification.

*A copy of certificate can be provided upon request.