Our team at Hinrich is pleased to announce that our Hinrich Flexitank has passed the International Standard of Container Owners Association/AAR Rail Impact Test. One of the most important issue when transporting liquid is the acceleration levels and forces they produced that can cause damage to the liquid carried. Our team’s time and effort in all these innovations are packed into an idea of  light and foldable flexitank designed to be more cost efficient without compromising quality and safety, crafted from our state of the art manufacturing facility base in Penang, Malaysia.

Below is the video of our Hinrich Flexitank with 24,000 liters load capacity, successfully passing the AAR Rail Impact Test on September 30th, 2015 in Pueblo, Colorado. A total of 4 railroad impacts rated at 2G were performed to ensure that our loaded flexitank can withstand the force of strong impacts during the handling and transportation via rail, as well as to satisfy the criteria required as part of the Container Owners Association (COA) code of practice for Flexitanks.