State of the Art Flexi-bag Designs

Invest in quality liquid transportation technology with the HR Flexi-bag. A popular and proven alternative to the traditional tank container and ISO tank, the Flexi-bag is ideal for transporting non-hazardous liquids and powders including oils, juices, latex, non hazardous chemicals, wines, and other food grade liquids. Highly adaptable, the Flexi-bag is suitable for road, sea and rail transportation and comes in a range of different capacities. The HR Flexi-bag model is designed to fit inside a standard 20 ISO container but can also be fitted into a truck or other transportation cavity. Truly, the potential of this simple technology is endless.

Adaptable and convenient to install, the Flexi-bag represents true value for money

Known for their convenience and cost effectiveness, Flexi-bags radically reduce the time and labour associated with loading and handling as they take less than half an hour to install, require no forklifting, and enable extremely fast loading times once the hose and pump are connected. From an economic standpoint, the Flexi-bag offers outstanding value for money with a flexible design that enables transporters to make optimal use of the space available and ultimately achieve higher payloads. The fact that the Flexi-bag is a single use transportation solution is also economically advantageous, as it not only eliminates the possibility of contamination, but also saves transporters the substantial costs associated with returning, cleaning, and demurrage.


From a performance perspective, Flexi-bags are incredibly strong and highly durable. Perfect for protecting valuable liquid cargo from leaking or becoming contaminated during transit, it’s little wonder that Flexi-bags are one of the most popular liquid transportation solutions on the modern market.

Custom designs to suit your transportation requirements

Whilst Flexi-bags are not a new innovation, HINRICH takes the technology to the next level with sophisticated bag design, exclusive bulkhead systems, and a plethora of customisation options. Clients can choose from three key design options (the Barrier, Classic, and Eco Models) to suit their logistic requirements and budget. Additional features such as top and bottom load discharge valves, air vent assembly, a specialised bulkhead system and a heating system can also be incorporated into the design as per the client’s requirements.


HINRICH Industries prides itself in providing quality, turnkey transportation solutions for clients all around the world. Established in 2015, HR strives to become a global leader in liquid transportation. To learn more about our capabilities, please call +604-448 9799 or get in touch with us by using the online enquiry form.